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Apply Supply Chain Management Best Practices to Clinical Trials
The clinical trial simulation system enables every biopharma organization, large or emerging, to easily interface every functional group to plan and manage the synchronization, speed, risk management, transparency and costs of the supply chain.

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The model provides global planning and tracking - country-site-patient level through bulk, to:

- Manage multiple study treatment arms to plan site and pipeline inventory

- Track each actual patient / each visit and drug usage

- Plan and distribute placebo & comparator drug.


It also helps to synchronize timing and quantity across the pipeline for multiple what-if scenarios, by:

- Providing separate blinded / unblinded outputs for analytical needs

- Adjusting operational parameters at any stage in the pipeline and review the impact from bulk production to the country sites.


The model's statistical projections track forecast vs. actual data and statistically model the study for future  demand and supply planning, next phase start-up, and multi-year corporate financial planning.


 Example of graphical projection:



Predicting an early study completion and a reduction in drug supply needs



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