Supply Simulation, Process Optimization, Lean Design
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Simulate Shop Floor Capacity, Throughput & Bottlenecks


Performance of individual resources on the shop floor or in logistics operations may be modeled at a detailed level.  This is particular useful in planning for or monitoring a contract manufacturing operation.

In this example, an biological manufacturing and filling process is simulated to analyze capacity, throughput and bottlenecks.  This allows plant and process designs to exceed FDA regulations.  This is an example of a sterile manufacturing cycle that includes sterilization, steam-in-place (SIP) activity, that must be done within 24 hrs. prior to production, and cleaning, clean-in-place (CIP), following it.

Models for sterile manufacturing with both robotic cart systems and conveyor systems are supported.

If your company would like to try a demonstration model, ask us for a Lean Model demo

You will also need a demonstration copy of Extend, from Imagine That Inc., the creators of the Extend simulation package.


Information on Clinical Trial Software solution

Additional information on pharmaceutical manufacturing



Overall input and results for entire facility.




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